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Healthy and long hair

If I got a dollar every time I heard a girl talk about hairs supplement or oils for healthy and long hair I would have a lot of money. To kick everyone while they are down. This is a waste of time and money because it doesn’t work. You might wonder why a lot of people seem to think this works. I think hope is the right answer. Hope makes people do really strange things. As well as no proper understanding of hair. You can leave your hair for a month and it will grow. Therefor you should measure hair before you use the supplement (so the growth of a month) then use the supplement (measure again) and make sure everything else stayed the same. You will find that the difference isn’t big if any at all. I have a lot of experience in growing hair as mine has gone from not really there to well past my shoulders in under four years. Which sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. Therefor I want to share my tips for growing really nice and long hair. That is first and foremost healthy.

Get a trim

You might wonder why hairdressers tell you that your hair will grow faster if you cut your hair. As if your head on your head knows when it got a trim. This is true. But if you don’t cut your split end they will split even future leaving you with brittle straw-like-looking hair that at the end of the year needs an even bigger trim. This doesn’t mean you need to go to the hairdresser every six weeks. This does mean however that you should go. I go about every twelve weeks sometimes a bit more than that. The most important thing is that you need to listen to your hairdresser. If you need a bit of a bigger trim. Let them, they studied hair. Press that you want long and healthy hair but if you need a cut, you need a cut. No ifs or but’s about it.

Wash your hair

A bit of shampoo, a ton of conditioner, and a lot of nothing at all. Hair washing should be a ritual performed not that much but when you do, you should do it well. You only need to use a little bit of shampoo and put it throughout your scalp. When you use conditioner you should use it on your ends only. When you have short hair, flip your head upside down. It’s a bit easier to not put it on your scalp in that way. 

Don’t use dry shampoo

it never worked for me, it didn’t give me volume so I never really used it and then a couple of months ago I started using dry shampoo. After a while, I noticed that my hair became less soft and the way it just ‘hung’ wasn’t the way I was used to. Therefore I think that dry shampoo isn’t good for your hair. If it’s greasy just put it up (updos are cute and stylish and just wash your hair. Your head will be thankful).

Heat styling

I don’t think heat styling is necessarily as bad as people make it out to be especially because If I do heat style my hair I won’t touch most of my hair for the remainder of the day as well as the fact that I then don’t feel the need to brush it. I rarely brush my hair as it is but you are more likely to brush straight hair than wavy or curly hair. I add a little bit of hairspray, less is more in this case.


The most important tip? Let it be! If you do want to do something massage your scalp as it will bring in a bit more blood flow to the scalp (and it just feels nice). Do not take supplements best case scenario you are paying for expensive pee. The worst case is that you are being mean to your body.

Last but not least, give it time. A hair journey is a journey for a reason but let your body do its magic. Just be kind to it and it will be strong.


Lots of love,


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