Unhinged (2020)

Finally, I visited the movie theatre again. I for one love going to the movies. It’s so different from watching a film at home which I also like but I have been having a horrible time concentrating on films and such. I am apparently not a binge watcher at all.

What is the film about

After a confrontation with an unstable man at an intersection, a woman named Rachel and her family/friends become the target of his rage. I got this summary from here.

The trailer

If the video doesn’t work, click here.

What did I think?

This film was one of the scariest I have seen. I hadn’t looked into it before I went so this might have contributed by how scared I was. It wasn’t only physically scary as in jump scares and people dying but also psychological which apparently this combination is the most horrific thing. I can do both separately but not together. There was just no break at all, the horror kept on going. At one point my mum turned to me and said “If you find it too scary we can leave” then I knew she also found it a scary film. It wasn’t scary as regular scary films it was just brutal. It’s like a terrible gift that keeps on giving. Having said that it was so interesting and so thrilling. It really showed how some individuals are provoked. How such a small and minute detail for some might change the lives of others. The man was on medication but I never got a good enough look at it to figure out what it was, which would have been nice. To have a better understanding. He was certainly not ‘well’ and I do know that most medications take a couple of weeks to work but presumable he was on them for a while. Individuals with a serious disorder can actually be a ‘regular’ productive member of society. So I am not sure if the medication was used to show there was something wrong with him, in which case we didn’t need those shots. Or to show that the medication didn’t work properly? I am not sure. I also found the lack of proper policing strange. If would assume that if you rang them before so they sort of know you and you tell them a mad man is following me they wouldn’t just say oh there is a traffic jam which is our priority. I mean you’ve got a lot of officers in a big city right? Or you should have at least. Having said all this I liked the film it was scary but so interesting. I would have loved more information on the man but overal a good yet scary film to watch. I would have loved to know more of what was wrong and how that happend but that might be the psychologist in me speaking. Maybe the message was simple ‘some people are just unhinged’ but I am not satisfied with. If you like psychological/scary films I do recommend this one. Just don’t watch it when you are home alone after you watch it. You can also watch it in 4d and boy I am glad I did not do that! Overall an interesting film to watch.

Lots of love, Melissa

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