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My very first video

In a way I cannot belief I am writing this, in another I can. This one was a long time coming. I can finally write these words

Welcome to my first video.

In the past I have talked at length how I was never making a video until one day. What I have not told you, is that I have been filming. When I was abroad for example, all those blog posts? Well, I was also filming. Almost every holiday I could have turned into a vlog. Sometimes I even edited them. But I never uploaded any of it. Not because I truly didn’t want to but because it didn’t feel right. I also work on the principle of it needing to feel right. As I belief then I will not regret decisions. Even if it doesn’t work out exactly the way I hoped. I can then always know that I did it because it was the right move for me right at that moment. Now, I see a lot of people starting podcasts and such. Maybe this is simply it, maybe I want to be late to the party. When youtube isn’t the focus for some people anymore I join. I however feel that youtube is still fun to watch and enjoy and it’s a way for me to upload my videos. But this blog, my blog will still be the platform I upload from. This is where I started, this is what I love to do. For the most part, I feel finally ready to share this part of my life with you. So here it is, my very first video.

My first study vlog

If the embedding doesn’t work just yet, click here to visit my channel!

A bit about the vlog
The week this was filmed was the first week of the term and I had a whole heap of classes. Before this I had done quit a bit of prep-work but a lot was still unsure. Actually the first month of term was for me. I am not exactly sure why but I guess when I start off ‘messy’ in my mind it’s hard to get back to the order I really thrive on.

This week there was a lot of typing notes and reading. I didn’t want to bore you so I sped it up a lot. I don’t actually speed read this fast. I do hope this is enjoyable, I personally like the changing of speeds throughout the video. As seen in the video, it had snowed. Now, I go on walks a lot at least once a day every day. I think that walking and being outside is really important. Especially now when a lot of things are closed and I am not doing a lot of walking to go somewhere. Also the gyms are closed so it gives me a some form of exercise. It’s important to move your body and keep your steps in.

On the weekend I have been really trying to take at least one day off work and do something fun. So, I went on a walk with one of my friends. We grabbed a coffee to go and had long talks about life. I do enjoy catching up with friends and I think this is also very good for my mental health. To step away from the computer and have connections in real life. On that Saturday I also did my pamper routine, I try to do this once a week. I really take the time to do a mask, put on lotion and do my nails so that I am ready for the week ahead. I am planning somewhere in the future to make a more in depth posts about my pamper routine.

I hope you enjoy this relaxing video, in some parts I have left the sound in, I personally think this is very nice. Like the part of the snow as well as the part with the pumpkin. I enjoy sounds like that in video and I thought it added to the ambiance. I have some fun ideas for videos in the future and I will try them out as we go along. I don’t want to make videos on a specific schedule yet, so I’ll be playing it by heart right now. If this changes in the future you will be the first to know

If you are new to my blog I want to welcome you. I have a lot of blog posts online already which you can search for in the right corner. Or click on another posts below this one or on the right hand side. If it feels a bit overwhelming you can start with this, this or this one. You can follow my instagram for updates about my life and my twitter for updates about the blog. If you want to chat, leave a comment. A quick side note if you are new, I upload a blog posts twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday at 9 a.m (CET).


Lots of love,


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