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In this directory, you can find the Adventure Abroad and my case against Dumbledore series. In addition, you can find all the recipes I shared, my vlogs, and all my personal posts which are sorted by date.

Adventure Abroad

1. Let’s start
2. Middle of the month adventure
3. Parties, Hills and Happiness
4. Middle of the month October
5. Finding myself hair and happiness
6. Tears and teaching
7. Home

My Case Against Albus Dumbledore

1: My case against Albus Dumbledore
2: Tom Riddle and Becoming Voldemort
3: Making Children Fight Your War Act 1
4: The Crimes against Harry Potter
5: The “Safest Place” in the Magical World
6: Possesions and the Criminal Lack of Responsible Adults
7: A Reunion That Goes to the Dogs really
8: Making Children Fight Your War Act 2
9: Potter, Riddle, and Somehow Dumbledore
10: All Was Not Well, A Conclusion.

Baking and Cooking

Coming in 2024: Shrimps and Salmon Pasta
Broccoli and salmon quiche
Airfryer Greek Chicken
My go-to cookie recipe
Apple Envelopes
Bell peppers with Pumpkin
Dutch Apple Pie
Easy Chicken Curry
Recipe: Pastry
Soup Recipe: Pumpkin
Soup Recipe: Sweet Potato
Drinking water
Virgin Mojito’s


Vlog 1: My Very First Video
Vlog 2: So Much Green Tea
Vlog 3: A Trip to the Beach and a Whole Lot of Typing
Vlog 4: University study with me
Vlog 5: University study with me
Vlog 6: The Last Bits of Summer Sunshine


Coming in 2024: Podcasts I enjoy listening too
Coming in 2024: Songs I’ve loved this year
Coming in 2024: Healthy Habits & Goals of 2024
DNF’ing isn’t as good as you may think 

Happy New Year

Favourites and Happy New Year
Why I do not rate my books
Books on the shelf
Book tag


My friend named Mary
Work-from-home routine
Working out
Preparing for a new semester

Happy new year
What I learned while holding a REAL human brain
I believe in me
The Season of You
The empowerment of the normal girl

Happy New Year
Finish the year great 
Starting a new semester of right
The Happiness Planner
Sharing Video’s
Saying goodbye to a friend
I was staying In Paris
Anti-Valentine’s day
I Used to live In England

Happy New Year
Favourites of the year
The Oberhausen Christmas Market
A little love for December
Making a better first impression
Childhood songs
Blogger, Blogging, Blog
To start a new
This is what I love

Happy New Year
My first term at University
Decluttering and Fresh starts
Choosing Happiness
A little hello from our newest family member

Having class and being kind
Phones, Pictures, and enjoyment
Listening and voicing your opinions
Not that kind of girl
Are you feeling down? Here are my tips
Happy New Year

A short introduction

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